Fluxlist Members

Many members of the fluxlist have websites, blogs, and/or a presence on social media. Learn more about our members from these links.

Allan Revich (administrator)Digital SalonAllan Revich@digital_salon@allanrevich
Bibiana Padilla Maltos (administrator)BibianaPadillaMaltos.comBibiana Padilla Maltos@bibibibiana
Allen Bukoff (co-founder)Allen Bukoff EmpireAllen Bukoff@bukoff@allenbukoff
Reid WoodHaven't Garde ArtReid Wood@Reid_Wood@Reid_Wood
Ruud JanssenIUOMAIUOMA@iuoma
John M. BennettJohnMBennett.netJohn M Bennett Poetry
Mary CampbellMaryCampbell.net @mcampbell
Josh RonsenRonsen.orgJosh Ronsen
Picasso GaglioneStamplandChicago.comPicasso Gaglione
Keith BuchholzKeith A. Buchholz
Jennifer WeigelJennifer Weigel ProjectsJennifer Weigel
Dick Higgins (1938-1998, co-founder)Wikipedia EntryFluxlist Facebook GroupNYT Obituary
C. Mehrl BennettC. Mehrl BennettC. Mehrl Bennett
Diane KeysDiane Keys@DianeKeys11The Telepath Telegraph
Walter CianciusiWalterCianciusi.itWalter Cianciusi
Catherine SchwalbeCatherine Schwalbe | Great Lakes ArtistCathi Schwalbe@casbah3d@casbah3d

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